Accesories and Hygiene Equipments

Accesories and Hygiene Equipments

BARONCINI completes its range of products with an array that meets all the requests of the clients, creating complete solutions.

Washing plants
- made of stainless steel, with high and medium pressure, including foaming systems. The plants can be centralized with satelits installed in the working areas, or mobile washing systems.

Hygiene equipments (sinks),
made of stainless steel - a wide range of sinks with our without knive sterilizers, with soap dispensers, paper towels supports and recipients for waste paper. We also deliver washing systems for boots and aprons, lockers for vestiaries and almost all necessary to the washing in the food industry.

Floor gullies and draining systems
, made of stainless steel, with different sizes or realized by requests. The draining channels delivered can be of two types: traditional channel of network type or the omega system.

- everything that is necessary in your food processing factory: a wide range of spare parts (saw blades, resistances for sterilizers, razors for dehairing machines, etc. BARONCINI also deliveries professional knives of various brands, professional clothes and visitor clothes, different types of recipients, stainless steel trolleys, hooks.
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Accesories and Hygiene Equipments

  • Canone 130
    Canone 130
  • Gully Channell
    Gully Channell
  • P10-25
  • Hook Type  110
    Hook Type 110
  • Carello
  • drain
    Drain model P105

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